OptoMizer® Lighting Audit System - Online Product Tour
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The audit screen is where most of the data entry takes place. It is essentially where all of the data that make up an audit come together.

Once a project audit has successfully been loaded, the 'Audit' screen will become enabled (according to the security rights of the current user). The very first time an audit is loaded, the database will automatically create a new audit space record and the space number field will contain the number '1'.

  • To search for a project audit, click on the Search button.
  • To list out all available project audits, click on the List button.
  • To enter the audit setup menu, click on the Setup button.
  • To enter the audit options menu, click on the Options button.
  • To view the audit space toolbox menu, click on the Tools button.
  • To add, edit, or delete Audit space custom fields, click on the Custom button.
  • To edit the parts and configuration tables, press the Tables button.
  • To add operating schedules, press the New Schedule button.
  • To configure existing or design luminaires, or to configure budgets, click on the Luminaires Setup button.
  • To return to the main menu of OptoMizer, click on the Close button.
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