OptoMizer® Lighting Audit System - Online Product Tour

Design luminaires are fixture designs that will be retrofitted into a lighting project. Utilizing the existing fixture data collected by the audit, a lighting designer can determine the correct design luminaire to install.

Design luminaires are generally much more detailed in terms of actual configuration and parts.

Completing all of the design luminaire fields on this screen will allow the database to produce such reports as complete parts lists with associated costs, or a complete proposal package which could include accurate energy studies, green lights reports, cover letters and an accurate quote, all with just the click of a button.

  • To edit a budget cost record, click on the Budget Costs button.
  • To edit the parts and configuration tables, press the Tables button.
  • To edit custom fields, click on the Custom Fields button.
  • To return to the luminares screen, click on the Close button.
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