OptoMizer® Lighting Audit System - Online Product Tour

Custom fields can be configured to store extra data that may be required with an audit. These user defined fields are available within the Audit screen, Luminaires screen, and the Design Luminaires screen.

The labels for each of the fields can be customized in order to accommodate the additional data. The labels are stored separately for the Audit, Luminaires, and Design Luminaires screens.

Each time a label set is modified, the system will ask if this will be the new default label set for that particular screen. The default set will automatically be assigned to any new audit created in the system thereafter.

There are nine fields available for customization within the custom fields screen. Pressing the small '?' button next to each field will give a complete description of what type of data the field can contain, and, what the actual table field name for the field is. The table field name will need to be known in order to include these custom fields in future reports that you may want to create.

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