OptoMizer® Lighting Audit System - Online Product Tour

This screen is where the lighting designer joins the existing fixture and new design fixture together. Joining the two also includes a luminaire budget for the new design luminiare that is to be installed.

It is essential to collect existing fixture information in order to provide the lighting designer with the following data:

Existing Fixture Wattage:

The existing fixture wattage is essential to obtain in order to calculate energy saving reports for the customer.

Physical installation characteristics of the fixture:

Obtaining this information allows the lighting designer to accurately design the best retrofit fixture to take the existing fixtures place. It also allows the project manager and installation crew to accurately predict labor costs for retrofitting the existing fixtures.

  • To edit a budget cost record, click on the Budget Costs button.
  • To add, edit or delete a new design luminiare record, press the New Design button.
  • To edit the parts and configuration tables, press the Tables button.
  • To edit custom fields, click on the Custom Fields button.
  • To return to the Audit screen, click on the Close button.
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