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Operating schedules are made up of three daily schedules grouped together. The three daily schedules are classified as Weekday, Saturday, and Sunday.

As the daily schedules are assigned, the annual hours for each of the assigned daily schedules are calculated and displayed along with the total annual hours for the new operating schedule.

The 'Operating Schedule ID' and 'Operating Schedule Hour Description' fields are automatically filled in as the user completes the operating schedule.

During the creation of a new operating schedule, it may be somewhat vague at times as to which daily schedule is being selected. If the daily schedule is not a single contiguous block of hours, then the description for the daily schedule will be an 'S-#' description (designating a split). In order to clear up whick daily schedule is actually being selected, a read-only button bar of 0 to 23 hours is provided on the Operating Schedules screen. This bar will show the actual hours that make up the daily schedule whenever a daily schedule is selected.

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