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The following is a brief description of each of the audit space options:

Continually refresh audit space list box

Selecting this option will cause the 'Entered Spaces' list box on the audit form to always show the most current audit space information. If this option is turned off, then the list box will only be refreshed on certain events (such as searching). It is recommended that this option be turned off in order to speed up the time it takes to browse audit space records.

Set / Change Audit Password

Pressing this button brings up the 'Set / Change Audit Password' screen that allows the user to apply, remove, or change a password for the current audit. This password will completely secure the entire audit from unauthorized access.

Project Specific Costs

This is where specific budget costs can be applied to an audit for reflection on the 'Budget Costs' report found in the 'Reports' section of the database.

Define Annual Hour Reductions

Annual hour reductions are defined in order to compensate for lighting schedules that do not apply for an entire year. A good example of such a project would be a school.

Replicate Model Audit To Construction

Replicating an audit is where an entire model or construction audit is duplicated. If the initial audit was designated as a 'model' audit, then the replicated audit will be the 'construction' audit.

An audit can only be replicated if the other audit type does not yet exist. The normal usage for this feature would be to create a complete model audit with the original audit data taken from the field audit, then replicate the audit over to construction. Once construction has a copy of the audit, they can make changes to their copy as the project progresses without changing the initial model audit.

Passwords can be separately applied to the model and construction audits with a single project. This ensures audit integrity throughout the length of the project.

This dual audit approach also will allow for queries and reports to be created that can analyze the differences between the initial audit and the final (after construction) audit. This information could be extremely valuable in fine tuning the auditing process for accuracy.

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