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The OptoMizer system contains pre-defined database reports that cover most of the reporting needs of an audit proposal. These reports are extremely detail oriented and provide data calculations to satisfy most customer and utility company requirements.

New reports are constantly being added to the OptoMizer system and are delivered to existing owners of the OptoMizer system who are covered under the service and support contract. Occasionally, a report will be given to all existing customers regardless of their service and support status if the report is deemed as an important extension of the OptoMizer system.

The majority of the OptoMizer reports are interactive in that the user has many parameters and methods of output to select from. Most of the reports included in the system can be printed, previewed, turned into an Excel spreadsheet, or output to a delimited text file.

Energy reports have the option of being run against different wattage types at the report run time. This allows the user to easily run reports and examine the outcome utilizing ANSI wattage, or any other configured wattage type.

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