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The following is a description of each of the audit space tools:

Find missing spaces:

Pressing the 'Find Missing Spaces' button on the tools menu will bring up the find missing spaces screen. This screen will list all space numbers that are missing between the first space number in the audit, and the last space number in the audit.

Find existing luminaire spaces:

Pressing the 'Find Existing Luminaire Spaces' button on the tools menu will bring up the find existing luminaire spaces screen. This screen will prompt the user to select one of the existing luminaire id's currently configured in the audit. Once the desired existing luminaire id has been selected, pressing the 'O.K.' button will begin the search. When the search is complete, a screen will appear listing all of the spaces within the audit where the existing luminaire id has been found.

This feature can be valuable in verifying existing luminaire id locations, or finding which spaces have the id in order to be able to delete an existing luminaire id record.

Verify audit correctness:

Pressing the 'Verify Audit Correctness' button on the tools menu will quickly run a verification 'check' against the current audit. If the verification process finds any discrepancies or potential errors in the audit data, it will notify the user immediately. As each error is found, the user has the ability to cancel the verification process or continue at that point.

Search and replace procedures:

OptoMizer includes procedures to quickly search and replace data in fields throughout your current audit. This gives a user the ability to change information in a single stroke without having to edit the data record by record.

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